Can you imagine- you are able to take steps to IMPROVE your Health, LOWER risk factors for heart disease and begin your successful WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, all, subsidized by your Insurance Program.

Well, stop imagining, and look into Step Ahead Wellness Center’s incredible weight loss programs, now being covered by your Health Insurance Programs.  Not only can your costs for the program be covered, success can lead to a total reduction in your health care premiums- for you and your family.


Contact us TODAY to find out how we can offer you a premium weight loss solution with your health care options.




We look forward to working with you and to continue our team approach to helping you make a healthier and happier start to the new year.


  • Doctor related office visits for weight loss supervision, if applicable, will be able to be submitted through your current insurance program.
  • We’ll help you find out what coverage you have and tailor a plan just for you.
  • There will be some minor administrative fees if you are receiving appetite suppressants or other supplements but we will be able to submit the visits for you.
  • If you are participating in the OPTIFAST Program, the meal replacements (bars, shakes and soups) are not covered under insurance and will still be offered at the same price (you will only be paying for the goods).
  • Consultations with our dietitian will also be able to be covered under most insurance programs.

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